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清華學報 Tsing Hua Journal of Chinese Studies
清華學報 Tsing Hua Journal of Chinese Studies



  1. 臺灣華語「V掉」的語法化(曹逢甫)
  2. The AV-only Restriction and Locality in Formosan Languages (Henry Y. Chang)
  3. On Arguments against Comparative Deletion in Mandarin (I-Ta Chris Hsieh)
  4. A Cartographic Study of Hlai Modals (Lee Hui-chi)
  5. Chinese Disyllabic Descriptive Adjectives: Gradability and Reduplication (Chen-sheng Luther Liu)
  6. Very Early Utterances in Child Language: Implications for the Minimalist Theory (Murasugi Keiko)
  7. Labeling and Argument Doubling in Japanese (Saito Mamoru)
  8. On Split Affectivity in Chinese (Wei-tien Dylan Tsai)