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清華學報 Tsing Hua Journal of Chinese Studies
清華學報 Tsing Hua Journal of Chinese Studies




  1. 人物軼事與「筆記體傳記」(朱剛)
  2. A Failed Peripheral Hegemonic State with a Limited Mandate of Heaven: Politico-Historical Reflections of a Survivor of the Southern Tang (Li Cho-ying)
  3. The Life and Legend of Chong Fang: The Journey from Recluse to Imperial Favorite to Master of Yi Learning (Douglas Skonicki)
  4. 「詩話」與「本事」──再探《六一詩話》與晚唐五代詩歌本事著作的關係(劉寧)
  5. 從都市史料和筆記小說的比較來看宋代的茶館(平田茂樹)
  6. 閒談、紀實與對話:宋人筆記與術數知識的傳遞(廖咸惠)
  7. An Introductory Study of the Tang yulin (Forest of Conversations on the Tang): Textual History, Source Material, and the Influences It Received (Amelia Ying Qin)