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清華學報 Tsing Hua Journal of Chinese Studies
清華學報 Tsing Hua Journal of Chinese Studies


THJCS Vol.48 No.1 has been published

Tsing Hua Journal of Chinese Studies Vol.48 No.1 was published in March 2018 with the following six articles and one book review:


1.  What Did Qin Ke Hear? The Corporeal Technique of Knowing in Ji Kang’s “Sheng wu aile lun” (Yen Hsueh-cheng)

2.  “When Guilt is Found Anywhere, Let It Rest on Me”: Concern for the Homeland in Southern Dynasties Repentance Dharma (Chi Chih-chang)

3.  Can Xue’s Fictional Aesthetic: Its Route and Concerns (Chen Meng-chun)

4.  Interpretation of 句 in Early Southern Min Texts: Semantic Extension and Pragmatic Inference (Lien Chinfa)

5.  The Interrelationships Between the Mergers of Nasal Codas in the Min Dialect of Eastern Guangdong and Their Geographical Distributions (Li Jung-min)

6.  Studying the Syntactic Structure of Object-Modifying Adverbial Sentences from the Perspective of Indefinite Objects (Wang Changson)

7.  Lyricism, Tradition and Modernity: A Review of Cheng Yu-yu’s Gesture and Language (Zhang Jian)


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